Defense Against a Front Hair Grab

Defense Against a Bear Hug

  • DROP WEIGHT, PUSH BACK, Fast and hard.
  • Make Circles!!!
  • If you can't go one way, go the other!
  • Done sucessfuly causes the attacker to loose balance, possibly damaging the knee and ankle
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DROP WEIGHT, PUSH BACK, Fast and hard. Drop to the ground (going limp makes it hard for the assailant to keep ahold of you). Start thinking "Make Circles!" MAKE A CIRCLE! Roll over the assailants leg. If you can't roll one way roll the other

Attacking the Thigh (highly effective strike)

  • Extremely effective alternative to attacking the groin when the groin is not easily accesible
  • Improved balanced attack
  • Done sucessfully can render the assailant with a disabled knee or ankle
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This is an unsuccessful attack because the assailant easily blocked the groin kick by bending his knee. Successfully striking the inner thigh is extremely effective.Improved balanced attack effecting the neurolocgical, vascular, and skeletal structure of the leg. A successful outer thigh strike. Extremely painful and debilitating strike, immobilizing the assailant's ability to pursue you.


Defense from Back Grab

  • Remember to make circles!
  • Step backwards in a solid stance, do not lean!
  • As stepping, make a big circle with the arm to free assailant's grip
  • This circle with the arm is also a strike
  • The strikes leads to an inner thigh strike (as shown above) as you flee from the assailant
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Here a balanced stance in maintained by dropping backward, not leaning. The circle is made, following through with a strike. As the strike goes by, follow through with an inner thigh strike as you continue to run to saftey.